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  2011/06/26 [03:35] (Sun)
I went to Melaka again for attended friend birthday party before headed to Kuching. It's most happiest party I have ever been, the next day morning I took a flight to Kuching! This Borneo trip was inspired by a Japanese girl that we met at Melaka last time since she did a only 10days travel in most attractive places in whole Malaysia.

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak and the largest city on the island of Borneo.

A view of Kuching Chinatown, Sarawak River and Sarawak State Assembly Building.

The multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual here more than Peninsular Malaysia included Dayak people of Borneo. Although different races but have lived together in relative peace! The government here attaches great importance to Chinese resident ! Also because this cozy and tranquil enviroment, Kuching be my favourite town after Melaka, Penang and Kota Bharu in Malaysia. I pretty enjoyed the comfortable lifestyle in this warm and lively town!!!

  2011/05/29 [18:34] (Sun)
This was my unexpected trips after Melaka since I have no Taman Negara and Pulau Tioman plans before... It's because my best friend sudden required that she wanna join my trips so I have no choice and try to let her know what's spirit of backpacking~

Taman Negara
Taman Negara encompasses three states of Malaysia (Pahang, Kelantan & Terengganu) which literally means "National Park" in Malay.

The jungle and river systems of Malaysia's premier national park!

Actually I have been here 3 times all with different friends and each time I was very impressed. Not sure will visit again but it's the only amazing jungle in Peninsula Malaysia!

Pulau Tioman
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Numerous coral reefs under this giant rocks!

We stayed at the village called Air Batang (ABC) as known as Tioman's backpacker hang out.
Joined a snokerling trip around Coral island to observe underwater life! But I did not expect the guide stopped us at Salang village for lunch since this was the place which I fell down a couples years ago... It's makes me realized that where you end and where you begin!!! Yeah~ Orz

  2011/05/27 [17:40] (Fri)
A lot travellers told me that they particularly like Melaka in Malaysia! Everytime I heard this makes me wanna explore its in fact I've been to Melaka but it was 8 years ago and the trip only 2 days for visited...

Melaka located in southern region of the Peninsula Malaysia as a UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2008.

Stadthuys is the most unmistakable landmark of Melaka.

Ancient tomb in the centre of the St Paul's Church.
City's mixed with Malay, Chinese, Indian and European heritage, beaches, river, small hill, tradional cuisine, handicrafts, Jonker Walk night Market... All of this are reason enough to become one of the country's most popular destintions!

So happy made a lot of different country friends here! Hang out for fun, beer time, yum cha, party, card game, kite flying, dinner, dating, shopping and many unforgettable happy memories! It's my another happy moment in life!!! Love you all~~~ Will visit again shortly!
Also, I had a good working experience here. It's help me increase my time allocation to arrange of time for different tasks and activities! Although it's hard but really good challenge for me!!!

  2011/05/13 [00:42] (Fri)
I headed to Kota Bharu for the next destination after Pulau Perhentian since it's the most Muslim, conservative and poor states in Malaysia. Besides that ,the shadow puppet shows attracted me as well.

Kota Bharu is situated in the northeastern part as state capital and royal city of Kelantan.

State Mosque in Kota Bharu.

It was more than expected since I'm enjoyed the old lifestyle here with a comfortable enviroment! Also, the Cultural Center have a lot of traditional Malay shows especially the shadow play makes me excited all the night!
I totally regret leaving here so early... If I stay more days maybe have another story! =(

  2011/05/11 [00:55] (Wed)
I've been to Pulau Perhentian again and tried to made my own working holidays in Malaysia!

Pualau Perhentian is coast of northeastern Malaysia in the state of Terengganu. The name "perhentian'" means "point to stop" in Malay!

It's a tropical paradise with white coral sand beaches and blue sea!!
I confirmed Pulau Perhentian is the most beautiful island in Peninsular Malaysia against the Pulau Tioman when I've visited here again! I love this island since it's quite natural that not much development as well to protect their coral reefs and tropical fish!

This time I came alone with difference identity depends with 6 years ago since that time I'm still don't know what is backpacking!! Will try to visit again for swimming practice!!
Also, swicthed to Perhentian as top label background of my blog instead the background of Bali!! Hope everything getting well although I don't believe Feng Shui~~ XD

  2011/01/16 [18:30] (Sun)
Bagan is another historic ruins in SE Asia attaracted me the most after Angkor and Borobudur.

It's the anceint capital of several ancient kingdoms in Burma located central of Myanmar.

Ananda Phato is the finest, preserved and most revered of all the Bagan temples.

Thatbyinyu Phato is highest temple at Bagan, built in 1144.

Amazing landscape with a bunch of sheep~

Around 4400 ancient temples in spectacular view!!!

I feel pity for Bagan that Unesco does not designate it as a Word Heritage Site... I agreed with them, the reason given is that the military government spoiled the original designs. Sometimes I think this country should be much better for everything if they are not under this military government...

Had an enjoyable days and slept 5 nights at Bagan. Although the last few days just stayed inside guest house but quite relax their lifestyle! After this trip, I almost finish travelling in SE Asia but some of the places will try to visit again in the near future!! Also, every time once I achieved my dream I will feeling lost... so what's my next dream?! lol

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