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  2011/10/22 [17:06] (Sat)
I bought the air ticket on begin July from TianJin back to Kuala Lumpur! I was just thinking that maybe only get there to catch up the flight since there is not a famous tourist destination! But lastly I changed my mind in next few months because there is an important place for my important friend!

TianJin is a large municipality in northern China and one of the five national central cities of China. Its history as a foreign concession, large port and European architecture.

Century Clock is a landmark of the city with relief carvings of the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac.

The treaty port European architecture walk of Jiefang Beliu.

This is a place that I never meet any backpackers even though inside youth hostel. But it's worth to visited here especially brings me to romantic European city!! Stayed 2 nights in TianJin and enjoyable the lifestyle there! Thank in advance for my important friend to let me got chance to explored this beautiful city!

This China trip from start to finish really makes me tired all the time. Not sure how many kilometres I walked but definitely used my mind evergy to move my legs keep walking...   Of course 25 days travel in several provinces were not enough time to explore since there are still many sights were skiped... China is too big!!!


  2011/10/11 [20:03] (Tue)
I took night train again from NanJing to BeiJing around 13 hours! Once I arrvied in BeiJing train station I felt really cold and its brings me the first reminder that Autumn is on its way!

BeiJing is capital of China and located in nothern China as one of the most populous cities in the world. Also known as the historical city with lots of Unesco World Heritege attractions.

The Temple of Heaven for Son of Heaven , who prayed here for good harvests, divine clearance and atonement.

The home to two dynasties of emperors (Ming and Qing), Forbidden city is the largest ancient buildings in China.

Summer Palace is an imperial garden of palace temples, pavilions, lakes and playgound.

MuTianYu Great Wall is Ming-dynasty guard tower which winds along lofty, cragged mountain and the 3km-long section of wall !!!

Only 1 week in BeiJing was not enough for me since it's many attractions must be explore! I almost broke my legs cause everyday I visited 2 sights and most of the time by walking... MuTianYu Great Wall of course the pretty impressive sight in my trip and I'm so excited about finally I've been to my first Seven Wonder! Stayed 5 hours on its and not willing to get down since all the spectacular scene are amazing!!!

Most BeiJing residents are friendly and polite if compare to other provinces! So far I prefer BeiJing and hope someday come again to explore the rest of sights and other Great Walls.
After that, TianJin would be my last destination!

  2011/10/07 [22:57] (Fri)
I travelling at halfway just decided went to NanJing since I'm interested about the father of modern China, Sun Yatsen mausoleum!

NanJing is the capital of JianShu province in China.

Part of the area surrounding the Confucian Fuzi Temple.

One of the statue at Memorial Hall of the NanJing Massacre!

Hall of Sun Yatsen mausoleum!

The large monument of Martyrs'  Cemetery.

NanJing not many beautiful scenes but it sports a long historical heritage and has twice served briefly as the nation's capital !! So here I increased a lot of knowledge about China history~

Travelling almost 3 days with 2 friends that I mentioned! I'm really happy all the moment with them especailly we were bitten by bunch of mosquitoes when we tried to escape the ticket fees to get into Ming XiaoLing Tomb!  Of course we've failed~ haha! Hope they keep enjoy their travelling in China~ Travel is full of funny!

  2011/10/05 [18:25] (Wed)
Lonely Planet highly recommended that HuangShan is one of the best of China and the director of Avatar, James Cameron said that it was the HuangShan mountains that inspired idea to him! So this was a top sight on my trip besides Great Wall!

TunXi also called HuangShan Shi is the village that close to the HuangShan mountain.

Old Street of TunXi is a souvenir street lined with wooden shops and Ming-style HuiZhou buildings.

Since I no any booking for hostel in China so I worry there is no room on HuangShan moutains... Lastly, I found this place to stayed and woke up early in the morning to readied went to HuangShan! This is a beautiful ancient town that totally unexpected! Also, I met up 2 hardcore backpackers here and we travel together for next several days and we had a really great time from TunXi to NanJing!

HuangShan is a mountain range located in AnHui province.

Scenery in HuangShan.

The view from top of  HuangShan called "Bright  Summit Peak"!!

I'm not lucky on that day in HuangShan since there are rainy day and full of haze so a lots of spectacular view were blocked by haze... And many loud talking tourists disturb my good mood... Although it's flawed but I'm still enjoyable all the way!

XiDi is a ancient villages in southern Anhui province.

The most picturesque scene in AnHui!

Beautiful enviroment of XiDi.

This impressive sight was introduced by the 2 hardcore backpackers from Macau and Taiwan! It's increasing popularuty and as a Unesco World Heritege site! I stayed half day here and took few hours sit on the chair to enjoy the beautiful landscape! I love ancient village so much~

After AnHui province I went to NanJing by night train to save one night accommodation!! Keep moving~

  2011/10/03 [05:05] (Mon)
China trip was planned long time ago but delayed for some reason of my Myanmar trip last time. But it's back since my friend, Radio's wedding dinner invitations in ShangHai. So I decided achieved my dream that went to my first seven wonder! And explore those UNESCO World Heritage site located at east and north part of China.


HangZhou is the capital and largest city of ZheJiang Province in Eastern China.

HangZhou's superb West Lake is classical beauty and historical relics.

Stayed 1 night only since next day had to went to ShangHai for prepared my friend's wedding! I felt sorry for West Lake because I'm just rushing walked around there and can't enjoy all the lake scene...


ShangHai is lasrgest city in China even proper in the world with population 17 million!

The Bund is the brashly modern cityscape across the HuangPu River!

The first hotel in ShangHai with British new classical style building in 1846.

The important mission here's helped and attended my friend's very romantic, touching and heartfelt wedding! After this I just can concentrate for my backpacking and relax the rest of days in ShangHai.

I went to The Bund in thrice since I'm really like the beautiful city on day and night time! The expend here is much better than I thought. ShangHai's overall good but if Shanghainese could increase their manners would be great! Also, I'm scared to walking alone on East Nanjing Rd since there are many girls try to scam and dragging me...

  2011/07/02 [05:02] (Sat)
Kuching only the town I stayed at every night. My primary goal was explored the jungle of Southern Sarawak particularly looking for rafflesias, orangutans and proboscis monkeys!

Gunung Gading National Park
This park as known as "The home of rafflesia". This was first time I did trekking in jungle alone... This forest quite dangerous since the walking trails was not clear at times so have to find out all the signed on the trees and rocks. Sorry I didn't provide any nice photo for this park cause all the time I'm very rush and almost lost in the jungle. Also, unfortunately I didn't meet rafflesia since it's not the blooming season...

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
This is a great place to sneak a peek at orangutans!

Borneo's orangutan!!!

All the trails for seeing urangutans were blocked since a lot of cases happened that they attack human. Actually I missed the morning feeding time so gotta wait at the centre around 5 hours without food for the noon feeding time... The group of orangutans appeared really makes me so excited!!
I think seeing wild animals may already be my new hobby~

Bako National Park
As Sarawak's oldest national park is natural sanctuary with coast and jungle. Also the best place to viewing probocis monkeys!

Amazing landscape!!!

The most beautiful national park i have ever been!!!

I did the Telok Paku Trail but didn't meet any probocis monkey all the way... Lucky I saw it from a distance at park headquarters before I leave!
I pretty love this national park since it's definitely more beautiful than I expected! Too bad LP wrote accommodation here is crap... Should be try to sleep here few days when visit again!!

Of course, Borneo's jungles much better than Peninsular Malaysia even Thailand!
Unbelievable this trips makes me more brave and confidence since I went to 2 national park and 1 wildlife center all alone!!! I'm amazing~ lol

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