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  2020/02/24 [11:20] (Mon)


  2011/01/14 [02:48] (Fri)
Took a 11 hours overnight bus from Inle Lake to Mandalay!!

Mandalay is the second largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar.

Another 70's city...

Sunset from bastion at Mandalay Palace.

Since I'm quite poor in this trip so just walked outside the Mandalay Palace... And climbed to the top of Mandalay Hill to viewed the city landscape!! But not really like this city cause so dusty everywhere and the food here more like Indian cuisine such as curry, curry and curry...

Talked with Japanese uncle after breakfast. He taught me that how to budget travel in Japan and shared his own story!! I enjoy listened~


  2011/01/13 [04:24] (Thu)
I have made the decision to continue my journey to Inle Lake after the boring Christmas eve in Yangon.

Inle Lake is second largest lake in Myanmar located in the Shan Hills at an altitude of 880m.

Wonderful watery world of floating villages.

Inle Lake is part of the heaven on earth!!

Stayed 2 nights at Nyaung Shwe also as known as a town a few kilometers north of Inle Lake. Too bad those budget accommodation not build on the lake so have to took a full day motorboat tour...

Fortunately, I didn't skip this wonderful place since before I have few different spots to consider. It's more than
I expected that Inle Lake is so beautiful and natural!!!

  2011/01/11 [15:26] (Tue)
Travel in Myanmar makes me deeply consider why only this country doesn't open visa-free to SE Asia tourist. But I changed my mind after I met an Australian in Thailand that she told me Bagan is so amazing. Since LP also highly recommended about Bagan is one of the best architectural wonders in SE Asia so I have to explore there...

Yangon is a former capital of Myanmar and the most important commercial centre.

Although it's a largest city but the environment here seems brought me back to 70's!!

Shwedagon Paya is the defining image of Yangon and a symbol of Burmese identity.

Had a very bad experienced in this city as some Indians cheat my money when I exchanged US dollar to Myanmar kyats and lost my lovely camera at the same day. Also, Myanmar has no ATMs and credit card servive so it's really makes me felt mad about money issue... Lucky I'm not newbie backpacker so the next day I could solved the problem as soon as possible!!

Although I had this unhappy memories but doesn't affect me to dislike this country. The resident here is kindly and knew how to enjoy their life even though they're very poor and oppressive by military government as well...

  2010/09/29 [20:49] (Wed)
After Chiang Rai that I suddenly planned to Mae Hong Son cause still left many days before my flight. But after information collected from bus terminal that is no bus direct to Mae Hong Son... So have to canceled this idea and continue headed to my last destination Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is the largest and culturally significant city with among the highest mountains in northern Thailand.

The evening street beside Pratu Chiang Mai.

Wat Chedi Luang was founded in 14th century!

The oldest wat in the city called Wat Chiang Man.

Lahu Village in Mae Teang Valley located Northwest Chiang Mai.

I had 8 nights stayed in Chiang Mai but another 2 nights in Northwest Chiang Mai. I joined 3days trekking tour in Mae Taeng Valley include some outdoor adventures such as elephant ride and white water rafting. This 3days just laughed all the way since our trekking members from French really funny and made everyone keep laughing without reason~ It's the most happy trekking I never did before!

I love Chiang Mai Weekend Walking Street so much besides Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. The market quite lively until midnight since a lot performance and many tourist shopping there. T-shirts, handicrafts, chic accessories, northern Thai cuisine and many many things!!
Hanging out with guest house receptionist and thanks for given me some guide and detail about Thailand!!

This trips total have 27 days in Thailand so I broke my last record 21 days travel in Cambodia and Vietnam. It's a good experienced for me so I won't afraid next time if more travel longer than this~

  2010/09/29 [15:38] (Wed)
Last year I met a Thai Chinese girl when we across the Thailand border into Malaysia. She told me that she from Chiang Rai and keep highly recommended Chiang Rai is pretty comfortable place and good for retire! So I decided long stay there since it's not far from Chiang Mai and also located Northern Thailand.

Chiang Rai is a small city with a relaxed atmosphere and tasty eats located northernmost of Thailand.

Afternoon scene in the city.

Wat Rong Khun aka the 'White Temple' built since 1998 by Thai artist!!

The town not many sights and I wanna save some money to Chiang Mai so have to skipped those trips to high-altitude hikes, Golden Triangle and Mekong River T___T

Stayed 5 nights almost everyday just sleep and eat to enjoyable lifestyle there. The fresh air with little cold enviroment made me slept more than 10 hours each day. Also, the local food there quite tasty. Big thanks to the Thai Chinese girl cause I totally agreed with her!

  2010/09/28 [21:12] (Tue)
I love historic ruins so much!! So Ayuthaya and Sukhothai to be my highlights besides Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Ayuthaya is Unesco World Heritage Site and former capital of Siam located Central of Thailand.

Part of ruins at Wat Phra Mahathat

One of the three dominant stupas at Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

Although Thailand always promote Ayuthaya as best attractions but I'm quite disappointed that they developing city there and didn't maintain the primeval of Ayuthaya... Also, maybe Angkor too grandiose so I'm no feeling when I'm visited at Ayuthaya...

Sukhothai was my next destination after 3 nights at Ayuthaya and time to keep headed to Northern Thailand!

Sukhothai is another World Herritage Sites with awesome ruins and Thailand's 'golden age' before Kingdom of Ayuthaya.

Wat Mahathat is the largest wat in Sukhothai Historical Park.

Beautiful landscape called ' Sacred Pond Monastery'~

To be honest, I prefer Sukhothai more than Ayuthaya since the park includes remains all the historical sites in jungle and four large ponds within the old wall. So I'm pretty relaxed to walk around the park~

The first day when I arrived in Sukhothai that I did a crazy walk around more than 1km with my 13kg backpack and ignored those tuktuk all the way from bus terminal to city. I'm very happy because a Australian went and told me that she also did it after that day she saw me. Although It's not really hard but it's made me realize about if someone open the road, might someone follow behind~

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